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One-to-one Therapy

Therapy involves talking about the way you feel, think and act.  This different to talking to friend because it is structured, and the psychologist has specialised knowledge of psychological research, theory and approaches to treating problems.  This will guide the way they listen to you, challenge you and support you.


Therapy sessions are usually up to one hour in length, on a regular basis such as weekly or fortnightly.  You may meet with the psychologist for only a short time or for a number of months.  You will be expected to practice what is learned between each session if you wish to make lasting changes.


Tracy has private rooms in the mid-north and is available to travel to other parts of Northland on request.  She also regularly travels to Whangarei.

Psychological Assessment

Available on request.  Tracy is trained in the use of a variety of assessment instruments and techniques.

Group Programmes

Programmes/training courses on management of stress and anxiety.  Maximum of 12 people per course. 

Also offering 'Brick Club' social skills training course for youth using Bricks (e.g. Lego).

Further details available when each course is advertised.  You can use the contact page to notify us of your interest in these courses or check back to this page for more information on upcoming courses.

Clinical Advice/Consulting

Available on request.


Supervision is defined as a scheduled time to meet with a respected professional colleague for the purpose of conducting a self-reflective review of practice, to discuss professional issues and to receive feedback on all elements of practice, with the objectives of ensuring quality of service, improving practice and managing stress.


Supervision sessions are typically 50-60 minutes long and held at Mindme premises.

"Bobrow (2011) notes, “what we cannot hold, we cannot process. What we cannot process, we cannot transform. What we cannot transform haunts us”

From "Principles of Trauma Therapy: A Guide to Symptoms, Evaluation, and Treatment ( DSM-5 Update)"



The fees will be discussed at your initial appointment. Typically I charge $180 per hour (including GST).


A therapy session is usually 50-60 minutes in length; duration of treatment can range from several weeks to months (this can be negotiated at your initial appointment).


The fee is payable on attendance by cash or bank deposit.


There is no charge if you cancel an appointment at least 24 hours before the appointment; however, a 50% fee may apply if the session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, and the full fee may apply for failure to attend a booked session.

Group Programmes

Participants have an option to pay for the programme in one payment or in instalments.


Fees will be advertised at the time the courses are published.

Psychological Assessments and/or Consulting

Fees for each assessment are negotiated individually and discussed prior to commencement of this service.

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